In the Field: A Learning Curve

We have all been here at one point in our career. It is definitely a learning process. From making sure the battery is charged and having enough memory to knowing how to operate the camera and all of its functions.

Taylor Marie Esler

I have a new appreciation for photographers and videographers. This past week, I conducted my first video interview and it was one of the most nerve wrecking things I have done for Multimedia Journalism. The thing about working in the field is it’s do or die. You only have one opportunity to collect media in the field.If the media you capture is blurred or the audio fuzzy, you’re basically out of luck. Skill and practices are necessary when trying to get those spontaneous, one in a life time shots. Thus, the pressure to preform with a camcorder that was still pretty foreign to me made me almost pee my pants. I was interviewing the director to the LGBTQ center, and I already knew she was hesitant to interview with me. Especially on mizzou’s campus, campus faculty get pestered to death by journalism students wanting to use them as sources. So…

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