Shorter Can Sometime Be Better

Ever consider whether or not you want to make your film feature length? I’m sure every one has thought about it. That’s the dream right? To make a feature length film is definitely on my bucket list, even if it’s just a mediocre thing I end up doing in my free time. But I only imagine the amount of work that goes into making a film like that. So much writing, shooting, editing and so on. Along with all the help you would need to create something of that caliber. I will make a feature length film at some point in my life but while I wait for that moment to arise I figure I have the ability to make a just as appealing short film.

I am always seeing the short film genre growing, especially on places like Youtube. They have all the same aspects as a feature film but just condensed down into anywhere from 10-45 minutes. When I really think about it I wonder how it is even possible to fit all the aspects of a story into something of that length. It definitely takes some skill. You have to include character development, story, possible backstory, conflicts, and resolutions. These are the key aspects that separate a simple Youtube video from a short film.

Youtubers like CorridorDigital and FilmRiot have created some short films that were a hit. Utilizing minimal actors and various locations.

They later went on and say the budget to create the film was still very high and even though they got a lot of hits that it did not pay for itself. I suppose this is the risk you take with Youtube sometimes. It all depends on the virality with those guys. But this is what they enjoy doing most. Filmmaking is what they want to do and they want to create something that has the cinematic look that any feature film would. This is something I strive for.

With the limited amount of resources I currently have at my disposal it would only be practical to work on a short film as my biggest project. Coming up with an idea and writing it all out I think is the most difficult task. Well there are a lot of difficult tasks when it comes to filmmaking like gathering talents, lighting, audio, editing etc. However even though there are a lot of challenges ahead of me, I am excited to take them head on.


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  1. I really liked this post! However, how can a feature length film be something you do in your free time? It seems as though that would take a lot of time and dedication.

    • Of course it could be something that is done in my free time. It is just a matter of finding all that time. Also finding others with all that free time to help. Looking at it in my own case, I feel as though I dont have the equipment and personal to actually shoot something feature length. As much as I would like to I feel as it just isnt possible at the moment. Trying to juggle work so I can save up for equipment, and school and everything doesnt leave that much free time. But a feature length could be done. Just give me about 10 years.

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