The Pre-Production Blues

Throughout my experiences with the production process the one part I always dread are putting together scripts, storyboards, shot lists, budget, and etc. I always have ideas for new productions but I always just want to get right to the main production and shooting and editing it together. I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way. But I am a fairly slow writer when it comes to scripts and there is no way I am happy with any storyboard I ever draw. Sometimes I wish I could just skip all the aspects of pre-production but I always have to remember that without the pre-production then the actual production and post will be a lot more confusing and time consuming. It could be the fact that I have had no real training about how to put together scripts that I have such a hard time making them. I can envision every aspect of the project in my head but when I try to get them onto paper they just become all jumbled and confusing in a way. I always want a script that I would be able to hand to somebody and they will be able to understand the story in its entirety. Also I always want a script so that I have something to give to my talent ahead of time so they aren’t just thrown into a production where I have to guide them on the spot.

The next thing about pre-production I have crazy amounts of trouble with is storyboarding. I may have talked about this is an earlier post. But I cannot draw for S**t. My drawing talents are that of an eight year old. Whenever I do draw a storyboard I am never happy with it and I am even confused by it when I later look at it. And I know for a fact that if I am confused from looking at it them others will surely feel the same way. To me it can be nauseating in a sense trying to figure out whats going on. I might just start recruiting my sister to help me along the way cause she is much more artistic in that sense than I am.

However there is one thing that I consistently do with every production and that is create a shot list. I might not make it in the most classical way but it works for me and others. It sort of replaces the script and storyboard. I will put the type of camera angles I am looking to capture and what is happening in each shot. I will describe in detail what I want the actors to be doing in the shot and how they should be doing it. I will include any dialogue that would be in each certain shot. I specify how I want to transition from shot to shot. I will throw in any outside sounds or music I want to be put in during post. I don’t know why but I have a much easier time creating a shot list rather than scripting out and storyboarding. I guess it all depends on what works best. Is there any easier way or format that I might be able to use? I always look for ways to make the process simpler while still remaining effective.


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