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From the beginning we exhibit all kinds of raw emotion. We love, we hate, we cherish, we despise all kinds of aspects of our lives. While we have all these emotions we grow at the same time, learning to deal with everything negative that we might encounter. Like the ending of one of my favorite films 500 Days of Summer there is always another beginning. A time for a new relationship. My relationship with this blog has had its ups and down and now it is time to call it quits. For awhile at least. I appreciate all who have read for the past few months and I’m glad I got to interact with some of you.

Anyone who is looking for more cinema content and tutorials for filmmakers, I would strongly recommend Film Riot, Indy Mogul, and Sam and Niko over at Corridor Digital. They all have a lot of knowledge and I have learned a lot from them and with their ideas have been able to develop my own.


All Colored Out

1274101_10202168807365431_1143574809_oBanged and battered from a tough 5K. This runner has been blasted with color throughout the race and is now finally off his feet. His head fuzzy from exhaustion, he cannot wait to be leave.

Bring on the Color

1274101_10202168807365431_1143574809_oSitting down taking a quick breather from an exciting 5K, this runner can’t wait to get back up and join in on the fun. He thinks he hasn’t been blasted with enough color through this race. Time to get into the crowd and show everyone what kind of color runner he really is.

The Life of a Grip

No matter what the career path people choose it is almost always the case that you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. This is the case for many of us film makers and those who aspire to be involved with production crews. Being a grip is being at the bottom of the food chain basically. You are asked to do all the back breaking work like moving heavy equipment around the sets and setting up all the stands and basically the most basic of basics. Sometimes it feels like it is something a monkey could do.  Read the rest of this entry

Videos for Contest Entries

Earlier this month Doritos opened its doors once again to video makers with its Crash the Superbowl Contest. Doritos is asking fans to create a 30second ad for their brand in a creative and different way. This kind of contest definitely grabs my attention as I’m sure it does for various other artists. Looking back on all the past winner of the contest I feel like I could make an ad just as well as those. Oh and did i mention the grand prize is one millions dollars?! One million dollars for a 30 second ad is anyones dream along with it being aired during the Superbowl – the advertising center year after year. So many people watch the Superbowl so it would be phenomenal to get a piece of work aired.

One of my favorite Youtube channels CorridorDigital made a video explaining what it takes to make a good contest entry video. And these guys are professionals when it comes to making high quality and appealing videos. I’m sure they just got sponsored by Doritos to make this video, and maybe if they didn’t they would be submitting entries themselves. But what I generally have deducted from watching previous winners and CorridorDigital’s video is that to make a good contest entry video it need to have a good content and story. Everything else comes second. It doesn’t matter how high quality the video is, or how many special effects you throw in, without the story it’s irrelevant.

Check out last years winner which I’m sure many of you remember or have seen before.

There is nothing too fancy when it comes to camera moves or editing in the video. I imagine the most difficult part in making this was getting the goat to cooperate. But this is what I mean when I say story. It starts off with an idea, in this case it was probably someone saying hey lets have a goat eating Doritos. Now throw in a conflict. The goat can’t find anymore Doritos. And finally a conclusion. The goat finds the man hiding the Doritos and making a Goat for Sale sign. Classic.

So in fact I am seriously considering submitting some videos for this contest. All I need is a great idea to make it to the semi finalist. I also have to make sure I follow all of Doritos rules and regulations for the contest. I’m very excited to start brainstorming.

Be Smart, Don’t Smoke

photo (2)

Smoking is a terrible habit. First off it is expensive and secondly think about the damages it can do to your body. Everything is okay in moderation and smoking is the same. If you need some nicotine then maybe it is okay to have a smoke here and there. However there are plenty of healthier alternatives. Be smart and stay healthy.


Cigars for Class

photo (2)

There is always that classy feeling of being able to pull out a nice cigar and light it up. You always imagine the hot shots at businesses opening a box of cubans and spreading them around. Cigars bring people together for some great quality time and intriguing conversation. If you enjoy the occasion cigar with pals, then you are a friend of mine. Stay classy.


Color Vibe Video

Here it is everyone! Finally finished my video from the Color Vibe run. I just wanted to get it out there and share with my friends but I’d like to know what others think about it. I tried to give it a sharp and cinematic type look. I did all the editing in Adobe Premier. Nothing too fancy is going on in this video but I had a blase making it. Enjoy!

ColorVibe Worcester!

This past weekend a group of friends and myself decided to take a trip to Worcester, MA to participate in a 5K run. But this was no ordinary 5K. This was ColorVibeThis was easily one of the greatest times I’ve had in a long time. What made it so much fun was the people I was with and also the fact that a rainbow is basically raining down on before, during, and after the run. Here is a side by side picture of me before and after the run.


As you might be able to tell, I am far more colorful in the seconds picture. And no I’m not talking about my personality.

You might also notice in the first picture that I am wearing my Gopro. I thought this would be a good opportunity to use it and get some cool action shots of colors flying, people running, people dancing and etc. I’m certainly glad I brought it because I got some killer shots. I’m going to be editing them together for a sort of montage that I will post here as soon as it’s done. I was skeptical with bringing the Gopro with the color dust but with the waterproof casing it worked like a charm and the dust washed right off. Here’s some aftermath of the camera.


This also brings to mind now the new Gopro Hero3+. I have the Hero3 Silver and Gopro has now unveiled the Hero3+ for Silver and Black. It got me thinking how these new Heros will actually differ from the previous version. Photofocus does a good job at analyzing the technical specs. I’m looking forward to seeing some side by side comparison of video and the new features it has to offer.

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