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Steadi as she Goes, Rigs for less

For a long time now I have been thinking about DIY (Do it yourself) project, specifically camera rigs. Is it really worth just taking the time to build one or should I just dish out the cash for the cheapest thing I can find? As of right now I’ve been looking into rigs I can use for a steadicam that will give me plenty of mobility. Granted I don’t have much experience with using a steadicam rig so I figure I should get some practice in with something cheap I can find.

Here’s a video from indy mogul demonstrating how Zach King from thefinalcutking is able to create a steadicam for just about $15!

King uses some basic materials to build with from pipes, to free weights, to just a simple piece of for a mount. It doesnt get much simpler than this people. I think if I were to create something I would at least want a more efficient way of mounting my camera. I’ve found it amazing the kind of rigs that people can make just by going down to the hardware store. However I am still skeptical whether I should go out and build my own or just invest in a more expensive rig that I know will last and probably be more reliable. But you really can’t beat the price of $15 dollars right?

Being someone on a tight budget I’m always looking to save some money. These DIY projects are perfect for any student, amateur film maker, or anyone that is trying to have that professional look at a lower cost. I plan to be looking into more DIY yourself projects that I may pursue. Because I am always looking for that professional look when it comes to making videos.

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