Shorter Can Sometime Be Better

Ever consider whether or not you want to make your film feature length? I’m sure every one has thought about it. That’s the dream right? To make a feature length film is definitely on my bucket list, even if it’s just a mediocre thing I end up doing in my free time. But I only imagine the amount of work that goes into making a film like that. So much writing, shooting, editing and so on. Along with all the help you would need to create something of that caliber. I will make a feature length film at some point in my life but while I wait for that moment to arise I figure I have the ability to make a just as appealing short film. Read the rest of this entry


Some Cool Things in the Studio

Oh the studio. There is so much to be done in the studio. Well that is more so depending on how much space you have to play with. The more room the better I always say. In the studio you can have various sets up for the type of show or video you are producing. It also requires a lot of work with pre and post production to have a solid final production.  Read the rest of this entry

Lighting. Indoors and Outdoors

Oh the wonders of filming. There is so much good about the process but then on the other side there is so much bad. Not bad as in like a bad time but bad as in difficulty in certain situations. Something I’d like to talk about is filming indoors and outdoors. Everyone is doing one or the other all the time and they each come with their own challenges. Almost every time I shoot I have to always try to remember to account for something that I wasn’t exactly planning for. Read the rest of this entry

The Talent Dilemma

It’s hard to film a story without any actors. They make the piece and put emotion into the film. But finding the right people for the part can be quite the process. For myself being  college student and all, I will pretty much ask any of my friends to be in a video. Granted most of them have little acting experience, but this could be their chance to make it big (not really). The thing that is the most challenging part when it comes to talent it coordinating schedules.  Read the rest of this entry

Adobe Premier Pro vs Final Cut Pro

There has always been the dilemma of which editing software to use. I have flip flopped throughout my career between Adobe Premier and Apples Final Cut Pro. I started with premier then went to college and started using Final Cut and now my school has just installed Premier onto to computers in our editing suite. So now I am back on that Premier train. I’ve always like it a lot better but I definitely had to re-familiarize myself with the program. This is also a problem for other making the transition.

One main concern is getting accustomed to the layout. The default Premier layout is pretty different compared to Final Cut, especially if you are using the newest CS6. But this can be easily tweaked by changing around some of the windows. Or what I found to be really helpful was changing the entire workstation layout to the CS5 setting. This gives you much more of a Final Cut type workstation and I believe it is much easier to get organized using this setting.

Efficiency is also always a concern. In my opinion Premier offers a lot more power and versatility when it comes to editing videos. There are a lot more effects in Premier to be utilized but you really need to learn what each one does so that it can be used to its maximum potential. And every video requires different effects and each effect might need to be tweaked in different ways to really get the look and feel you are trying to get.

I never find exporting to be too much of a hassle but for some it might be. If you are so used to exporting from Final Cut then moving to Premier might be a little painstaking. You really just need to go through all of Premiers export setting and explore until you figure out the export settings just like you probably did when you started using Final Cut.

In the Field: A Learning Curve

We have all been here at one point in our career. It is definitely a learning process. From making sure the battery is charged and having enough memory to knowing how to operate the camera and all of its functions.

Taylor Marie Esler

I have a new appreciation for photographers and videographers. This past week, I conducted my first video interview and it was one of the most nerve wrecking things I have done for Multimedia Journalism. The thing about working in the field is it’s do or die. You only have one opportunity to collect media in the field.If the media you capture is blurred or the audio fuzzy, you’re basically out of luck. Skill and practices are necessary when trying to get those spontaneous, one in a life time shots. Thus, the pressure to preform with a camcorder that was still pretty foreign to me made me almost pee my pants. I was interviewing the director to the LGBTQ center, and I already knew she was hesitant to interview with me. Especially on mizzou’s campus, campus faculty get pestered to death by journalism students wanting to use them as sources. So…

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Videos for Contest Entries

Earlier this month Doritos opened its doors once again to video makers with its Crash the Superbowl Contest. Doritos is asking fans to create a 30second ad for their brand in a creative and different way. This kind of contest definitely grabs my attention as I’m sure it does for various other artists. Looking back on all the past winner of the contest I feel like I could make an ad just as well as those. Oh and did i mention the grand prize is one millions dollars?! One million dollars for a 30 second ad is anyones dream along with it being aired during the Superbowl – the advertising center year after year. So many people watch the Superbowl so it would be phenomenal to get a piece of work aired.

One of my favorite Youtube channels CorridorDigital made a video explaining what it takes to make a good contest entry video. And these guys are professionals when it comes to making high quality and appealing videos. I’m sure they just got sponsored by Doritos to make this video, and maybe if they didn’t they would be submitting entries themselves. But what I generally have deducted from watching previous winners and CorridorDigital’s video is that to make a good contest entry video it need to have a good content and story. Everything else comes second. It doesn’t matter how high quality the video is, or how many special effects you throw in, without the story it’s irrelevant.

Check out last years winner which I’m sure many of you remember or have seen before.

There is nothing too fancy when it comes to camera moves or editing in the video. I imagine the most difficult part in making this was getting the goat to cooperate. But this is what I mean when I say story. It starts off with an idea, in this case it was probably someone saying hey lets have a goat eating Doritos. Now throw in a conflict. The goat can’t find anymore Doritos. And finally a conclusion. The goat finds the man hiding the Doritos and making a Goat for Sale sign. Classic.

So in fact I am seriously considering submitting some videos for this contest. All I need is a great idea to make it to the semi finalist. I also have to make sure I follow all of Doritos rules and regulations for the contest. I’m very excited to start brainstorming.

15 Softwares and what they want us to do

1. iMovie

The most basic of apple editing software

2. Final Cut

A more justifiable version of iMovie. Cut, trim, edit, filters… that’s about all I’m capable of.

3. Adobe Premier

Why use Final Cut when I can accomplish so much more while being much more user friendly?

4. Avid

I can do everything that premier and final cut can do combined. Now open up those wallets editors!

5. Adobe After Effects

Special effects for all your video needs. Generate some incredible visuals in 3D space.

6. Adobe Photoshop

Time to color correct those photos! Or just make it look like you have six pack abs.

7. Adobe Illustrator

Become a magazine designer.

8.  Adobe Dreamweaver

The power of the web at your fingertip. Web design that is.

9. Adobe Flash

Animation Nation

10. Adobe Fireworks

No it is not to create fireworks but rather a stepping stone of flash animations and shapes.

11. Bridge

Basically your desktop, computer, drives, and all belongings in a sleek browser/finder.

12. Adobe Soundbooth

Can you hear me now?

13. Protools

How the professions create that professional sound.

14. Adobe Encore

I can take all your creative ideas and format them neatly onto a DVD with title and menu screens!

15. Windows Movie Maker

Should this even count as an editing software?

My Production Process

Recently I have been thinking of ideas that I would like to make videos for. I have some short documentary ideas, comedy sketches, music videos, and a few other short video that I would like to produce at some point. This got me thinking about my production process and how I would go about making each one of my visions a reality. It takes time and I just would like to share my process and possibly figure out how it differs from others.

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Be Smart, Don’t Smoke

photo (2)

Smoking is a terrible habit. First off it is expensive and secondly think about the damages it can do to your body. Everything is okay in moderation and smoking is the same. If you need some nicotine then maybe it is okay to have a smoke here and there. However there are plenty of healthier alternatives. Be smart and stay healthy.


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