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GoPro GoWild

I recently used a GoPro for some shots for a video I needed to make for a final project. What I did this time around was use the suction mount to hang the camera from inside of my windshield. By doing this I was able to get a shot of basically the entire interior of my car. So the shots I got looked pretty good but they all start with that fisheye kind of distorting  because of the GoPro’s wide angle lens.  I know I can throw the footage into the GoPro editing program to remove this but I have actually never needed or even felt like using it until now.  Read the rest of this entry


Cameras for All

Always thinking about cinematography it is amazing how far the industry has some. 2-Perf Mind got me thinking about how easily accessible camera are compared to year ago when movies were made solely on filmstock. Nowadays many people can get just a fairly cheap DSLR camera and take outstanding pictures or videos. You don’t need to be a professional to be able to be a creative. The cost of equipment is still on the expensive side when comparing it to various other hobbies but you put in what you are willing to pay and what you want to capture. I believe this could be what separates pros from semipro and amateurs. When I looks at my future of working on films or perhaps even having my own studio I know I am store for a long line of expenses. Cameras, lights, editing software, sets, props, rigs, computers, monitors, mics, and so on. The list could go on. So while the camera itself can be easily accessible there is a lot that comes into play when thinking about cinematography. Its an exciting but expensive industry. For the time being I am fine with my DSLR, a few lenses, and some minor other accessories. Always looking forward to upgrade though.

A Director in the Field

There are a lot of responsibilities that comes with the title “Director”. Ryan Connolly in the above video definitely exhibits some key traits that I believe should be in a good director. He just seems like a happy go lucky guy who has fun doing what he does and make it fun for everyone else around him. So he has got the fun and loving factor going for him. There is also the fact that he knows all the ins a outs of a good production.  Read the rest of this entry

My Production Process

Recently I have been thinking of ideas that I would like to make videos for. I have some short documentary ideas, comedy sketches, music videos, and a few other short video that I would like to produce at some point. This got me thinking about my production process and how I would go about making each one of my visions a reality. It takes time and I just would like to share my process and possibly figure out how it differs from others.

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Color Vibe Video

Here it is everyone! Finally finished my video from the Color Vibe run. I just wanted to get it out there and share with my friends but I’d like to know what others think about it. I tried to give it a sharp and cinematic type look. I did all the editing in Adobe Premier. Nothing too fancy is going on in this video but I had a blase making it. Enjoy!

ColorVibe Worcester!

This past weekend a group of friends and myself decided to take a trip to Worcester, MA to participate in a 5K run. But this was no ordinary 5K. This was ColorVibeThis was easily one of the greatest times I’ve had in a long time. What made it so much fun was the people I was with and also the fact that a rainbow is basically raining down on before, during, and after the run. Here is a side by side picture of me before and after the run.


As you might be able to tell, I am far more colorful in the seconds picture. And no I’m not talking about my personality.

You might also notice in the first picture that I am wearing my Gopro. I thought this would be a good opportunity to use it and get some cool action shots of colors flying, people running, people dancing and etc. I’m certainly glad I brought it because I got some killer shots. I’m going to be editing them together for a sort of montage that I will post here as soon as it’s done. I was skeptical with bringing the Gopro with the color dust but with the waterproof casing it worked like a charm and the dust washed right off. Here’s some aftermath of the camera.


This also brings to mind now the new Gopro Hero3+. I have the Hero3 Silver and Gopro has now unveiled the Hero3+ for Silver and Black. It got me thinking how these new Heros will actually differ from the previous version. Photofocus does a good job at analyzing the technical specs. I’m looking forward to seeing some side by side comparison of video and the new features it has to offer.

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