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From the beginning we exhibit all kinds of raw emotion. We love, we hate, we cherish, we despise all kinds of aspects of our lives. While we have all these emotions we grow at the same time, learning to deal with everything negative that we might encounter. Like the ending of one of my favorite films 500 Days of Summer there is always another beginning. A time for a new relationship. My relationship with this blog has had its ups and down and now it is time to call it quits. For awhile at least. I appreciate all who have read for the past few months and I’m glad I got to interact with some of you.

Anyone who is looking for more cinema content and tutorials for filmmakers, I would strongly recommend Film Riot, Indy Mogul, and Sam and Niko over at Corridor Digital. They all have a lot of knowledge and I have learned a lot from them and with their ideas have been able to develop my own.

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Venturing Outside the Norm.


This is where I have to write something creative to capture your imagination. And I will. One day.

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Dearest Byron,

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