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The Life of a Grip

No matter what the career path people choose it is almost always the case that you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. This is the case for many of us film makers and those who aspire to be involved with production crews. Being a grip is being at the bottom of the food chain basically. You are asked to do all the back breaking work like moving heavy equipment around the sets and setting up all the stands and basically the most basic of basics. Sometimes it feels like it is something a monkey could do.  Read the rest of this entry


Shorter Can Sometime Be Better

Ever consider whether or not you want to make your film feature length? I’m sure every one has thought about it. That’s the dream right? To make a feature length film is definitely on my bucket list, even if it’s just a mediocre thing I end up doing in my free time. But I only imagine the amount of work that goes into making a film like that. So much writing, shooting, editing and so on. Along with all the help you would need to create something of that caliber. I will make a feature length film at some point in my life but while I wait for that moment to arise I figure I have the ability to make a just as appealing short film. Read the rest of this entry

Lighting. Indoors and Outdoors

Oh the wonders of filming. There is so much good about the process but then on the other side there is so much bad. Not bad as in like a bad time but bad as in difficulty in certain situations. Something I’d like to talk about is filming indoors and outdoors. Everyone is doing one or the other all the time and they each come with their own challenges. Almost every time I shoot I have to always try to remember to account for something that I wasn’t exactly planning for. Read the rest of this entry

Color Vibe Video

Here it is everyone! Finally finished my video from the Color Vibe run. I just wanted to get it out there and share with my friends but I’d like to know what others think about it. I tried to give it a sharp and cinematic type look. I did all the editing in Adobe Premier. Nothing too fancy is going on in this video but I had a blase making it. Enjoy!

ColorVibe Worcester!

This past weekend a group of friends and myself decided to take a trip to Worcester, MA to participate in a 5K run. But this was no ordinary 5K. This was ColorVibeThis was easily one of the greatest times I’ve had in a long time. What made it so much fun was the people I was with and also the fact that a rainbow is basically raining down on before, during, and after the run. Here is a side by side picture of me before and after the run.


As you might be able to tell, I am far more colorful in the seconds picture. And no I’m not talking about my personality.

You might also notice in the first picture that I am wearing my Gopro. I thought this would be a good opportunity to use it and get some cool action shots of colors flying, people running, people dancing and etc. I’m certainly glad I brought it because I got some killer shots. I’m going to be editing them together for a sort of montage that I will post here as soon as it’s done. I was skeptical with bringing the Gopro with the color dust but with the waterproof casing it worked like a charm and the dust washed right off. Here’s some aftermath of the camera.


This also brings to mind now the new Gopro Hero3+. I have the Hero3 Silver and Gopro has now unveiled the Hero3+ for Silver and Black. It got me thinking how these new Heros will actually differ from the previous version. Photofocus does a good job at analyzing the technical specs. I’m looking forward to seeing some side by side comparison of video and the new features it has to offer.

Steadi as she Goes, Rigs for less

For a long time now I have been thinking about DIY (Do it yourself) project, specifically camera rigs. Is it really worth just taking the time to build one or should I just dish out the cash for the cheapest thing I can find? As of right now I’ve been looking into rigs I can use for a steadicam that will give me plenty of mobility. Granted I don’t have much experience with using a steadicam rig so I figure I should get some practice in with something cheap I can find.

Here’s a video from indy mogul demonstrating how Zach King from thefinalcutking is able to create a steadicam for just about $15!

King uses some basic materials to build with from pipes, to free weights, to just a simple piece of for a mount. It doesnt get much simpler than this people. I think if I were to create something I would at least want a more efficient way of mounting my camera. I’ve found it amazing the kind of rigs that people can make just by going down to the hardware store. However I am still skeptical whether I should go out and build my own or just invest in a more expensive rig that I know will last and probably be more reliable. But you really can’t beat the price of $15 dollars right?

Being someone on a tight budget I’m always looking to save some money. These DIY projects are perfect for any student, amateur film maker, or anyone that is trying to have that professional look at a lower cost. I plan to be looking into more DIY yourself projects that I may pursue. Because I am always looking for that professional look when it comes to making videos.

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